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The 7 best websites for Modernist real estate – Our appetite for Modernist architecture continues to grow. Decades after its post-WWII heyday, the style has inspired legions of devotees with its purist ethos. And it’s easy to see why.

Flowing space, a lack of ornamentation and truth to materials were just a few of Modernism’s battle cries, as was the mantra ‘form follows function’ and a symbiosis between indoor and outdoor spaces. These still resonate today.

Le Corbusier took things to the extreme, imagining homes as ‘machines for living in’, but Modernism acquired its own local nuances as it crossed continents and decades. Consider the sober Bauhaus buildings of Walter Gropius in Germany alongside the curvaceous, space age homes of John Lautner in California.

Now a growing breed of estate agents are establishing themselves as the style’s bastions. This rabble of realtors are the go-to sources for buying Modernist properties across the world.

1. Architecture For Sale, worldwide

Architecture For Sale, worldwide

Architecture For Sale, worldwide

Was there ever a name so apt? This international website cherry-picks residential architecture for its credentials and aesthetics. Expect John Lautner-designed ranch homes alongside International style houses by Philip Johnson.

Be aware, this site is not for Modernist purists. AFS dips into a myriad of architectural styles, but midcentury architecture is the dominant theme. Among our favourites is Johnson’s Wiley House in Connecticut (above) and Pierre Koenig’s 1966 design The Henbest-Birkett Residence in California.

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